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We do not have the time nor money to travel the show ring circuit. We don't maintain cows that need a feed bucket in order to raise a calf. We intend to produce honest breeding stock that can be profitable for our buyers as well as ourselves. Therefore, our cattle are pasture raised and only fed purchased feed during times of extreme weather conditions.

Is it an advantage for you to purchase seedstock from producers that may "performance test" the animals in an environment that is more strict than your operation? Undoubtedly, the answer is yes; if you buy a bull from a breeder that has animals on "full feed"(i.e. loads of grain), you may discover some faults when you actually put the animal out on pasture.


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Semen and embryos are available year-round.

We have breeding stock available for sale at various times of the year.  As a rule, we calve in the spring and therefore will have weaned heifers and herd bull prospects available for sale in mid-fall of each year.  Contact us by phone or email if you are looking for high quality Murray Grey breeding stock--both purebred and cross!

Below are photos of some of the animals we have sold to others in the past; click on each photo to bring it up to its original size.