Have you been searching for quality purebred Murray Grey stock and find the available supply few and far between? You may want to consider embryo purchases if you desire to build up your purebred herd promptly and bypass the usual method of saving heifers and trading
bulls. Embryos are also an ideal way to introduce some genetic diversity in your herd; so you won’t have to change bulls so often!

We intend to flush donor cows two or more times per year. Our donor females are selected from mature stock, and must have an excellent track record for fertility and performance. In addition, they must have high scores for the DNA tenderness genes. One of our donor cows also has the elusive pair of marbling genes!

One bull we are presently using for our flush program is JOPA Elation Power, the 1989 National Champion. He scored one star for marbling and all SIX stars for tenderness (Bovigen GeneStar) and the top score of “5”(CC/GG) on the Merial “TenderGene” test.

Another bull that we use for embryos is a 1979 bull from Tasmania, Rockliffe Patron (second picture below). He also has a perfect tenderness score and his calves have been light birth weights; Like Elation Power, he is a frame score 5.

Contact us if you would like to add these genetics into your herd. These bloodlines may be ideal for you if you are selling beef or selling seedstock to those producers that direct-market beef!